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Chromax Golf balls Conform to U.S.G.A. and R&A Rules


Chromax Distance
90 compression
colors: gold, green and silver

Why use a Chromax Golf ball?

The Chromax Golf ball gives you high visibility in all light conditions. The Chromax patented, unique inter-illumination, between a reflective inner layer and a translucent outer layer, makes the golf ball appear larger and brighter. Losing less golf balls lowers your score and keeps more golf balls in your bag. If a provisional is required, you have another color to shoot, so when your golf balls are found, you know which ball was your first shot. Practicing different strokes or techniques on the putting or chipping green? You have different colors for testing your effectiveness.


Chromax M1x
75 compression
colors: pink, orange, gold, silver, blue, green, and purple

Chromax O.V.  75 compression colors: green and gold

Chromax O.V.
75 compression
colors: green and gold

Translucent Outer Cover

The clear outer cover, crafted from a proprietary blend of resins, is durable yet flexible to provide high energy transfer and spin – distance and control.

Patented Metallic Finish

The reflective inner coating on the surface of the Chromax two-piece ball makes it easier to track your ball in the sky and find your lie on the course.

High Energy Core

The 1.57” diameter core is made of a poly-butadiene rubber compound blend and molded under high temperatures and extreme pressure to create a core with superior durability, elasticity and a high coefficient of restitution.

Unique Dimpling

The 432 dimples on the Chromax cover are different sizes ranging from .125” to .160” in diameter to create optimal trajectory and spin around the green.

Chromax O.V. Optimal Visibility

The O.V. is a year-round ball that boasts a prominent sightline for more accurate putting and a larger number for identifying your ball. Combined with our most popular 75 compression technology and our cutting-edge gold and green for Optimal Visibility against the sky and on the ground.