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Chromax® Golf – ALL NEW M5 High Visibility Colored Golf Balls

Boulder, Colorado, January 18, 2018 – Chromax® Golf, worldwide leader in reflective metallic golf ball production, announces their newest U.S.G.A. and R&A Conforming golf ball, the M5. The Chromax® customer base continues to expand globally as golfers of all ages and skill levels discover the competitive advantages of the Chromax® product line. NEW Chromax® M5…

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Chromax® Golf Balls proud to be part of the Matt & Bill Bellner story

Matt Bellner, Longview, TX | Audience Stories In 2010 Matt returned to his childhood home of Longview, Texas, only to lose his job shortly thereafter. Miraculously, through YouTube, Matt reconnected not just with his long lost passion for professional Putt-Putt, but also with his father. The result was a new company and a new colorful…

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Chromax® Golf Balls in the 2016 Mini-Golf Masters Documentary

It’s Cutthroat Competition at the Masters of Mini Golf Miniature golf may seem like one of America’s more laid-back pastimes, but its competitive side is no joke. To be a champion requires a high level of precision and patience. Just like in the PGA Tour, the winner of the Masters National Pro Mini Golf Championship…

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Welcome Chromax Golf to Minigolfnews!

The Chromax® Golf Company has a team passionate about golf. We see how excited players are when they see the reflective colors of our golf balls and they find the colors that improve their own game. We are a small golf ball company with BIG colors. Chromax® high visibility, combined with a soft feel from…

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Chromax® Golf “The Power of Positive Putting”

Boulder, Colorado, December 16, 2016 – This year, Chromax Golf played an important role in the growing sport resurgence of Professional Putting. Bringing players to the game of golf in its many forms is a Chromax® Golf priority. This past year, Pro Putters won over $20,000 using Chromax® golf balls. Highlights in the photo below, top…

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Chromax® Golf Balls for Regulation Golf and Putting Pros!

Chromax® recognizes that Mini-golf is a great way to bring more folks to regulation golf. We are dedicated to the color technology that will make the game easier, more attractive and fun for all golfers, no matter how long or short the course. A windmill. A clown’s mouth. Those are just two things that might immediately…

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