Golf Ball Specs


Middle of the golf ball

M1x: 75 Compression

O.V. (Optimal Visibility): 75 compression


Distance: 90 Compression




Compression (M5, M1x)75
Compression (O.V.)75
Compression (Distance)90
Golf Ball CoverHigh Flow Surlyn
Dimples Total (M5, M1x, O.V. and Distance)302, 432, 432 and 482 respectively
Core Diameter (all balls) 1.57”
Inner CoreThe high energy core (one of the largest in golf ball history) is mixed with titanium powder. It is molded under high temperatures and extreme pressure for superior durability, elasticity and a high coefficient of restitution.
Outer CoreThe poly-resin outer cover offers superior cut resistance, cold temperature flexibility, medium spin rate and a high energy return.
FinishingTwo layers of the highest grade polyurethane create an attractive, durable and stain-resistant golf ball finish.
DimplesM5 ball dimples are larger to increase distance. The M1x, O.V.
and Distance golf balls have varying dimple sizes. All model dimples are designed to create aerodynamic properties that optimize trajectory and spin.
ConstructionSoft outer cover, metallic layer and solid core