4 Seniors: Gadgets to help with your golf game

OKLAHOMA CITY – If you love golf but struggle with arthritis or other mobility issues, there is help available.

Golfing gadgets can keep you on the golf course and may help improve your game.

Gripping Aids – Specially designed golf gloves and grips can help if you have limited hand strength. Bionic Golf Gloves are $30 and have extra padding in the palm and finger joints to improve grip. Also, Quantum Grip incorporates Velcro material recessed in the golf club grip and provides companion golf gloves. It costs $20 per grip, plus $35 per glove.

Bending Substitutes – If a lack of flexibility is hampering your game, the Northcroft Golf Tee-Up devices help you tee up the ball without bending over. They cost between $56 and $64. The Graball Jaw is sold through Amazon and is designed to pick up golf balls, flagsticks and other items.

Vision HelperChromax golf balls can help you see on the golf course. Reflective colored golf balls make them appear larger and brighter. They are $10.50 for a three-pack.

Ergonomic Cart – If you like to walk, the Sun Mountain Sport Speed Cart is a three-wheeled, lightweight push carts that fold into a compact size. They are sold for $210.

Original article: http://kfor.com/2016/07/28/4-seniors-gadgets-to-help-with-your-golf-game/