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Chromax Distance Golf Balls Review: Never Out of Sight

Chromax Distance Golf Balls Review: Never Out of Sight

We are living in a world where golfers are trying to stand out from the rest. We rock flat bill hats and dress up in bright colors. Style and flash are just as important as the equipment we use.

Chromax has delivered a product that definitely stands out from the rest. They have brought bling to the golf ball. This ball has a High Visibility Metallic Finish that is never out of sight.



When I pulled the first ball out of it’s sleeve, the sun had hit it in such a way that it gave the effect that it was glowing. At first, I thought the shiny metallic finish would distract me, but when I teed it up on Hole #1, it was great. I actually enjoyed looking at it.

The motto for these balls is, “Never out of sight.” It’s true. It was very easy to see in the air and even easier to see on the ground. No more hunting for a ball that is blending in with those pesky leaves.

Looks Rating: 4 of 5 Stars



This ball is a true distance ball. Therefore, it’s not as soft as some of the other balls on the market, but I do like playing with balls like this. I like the sound it makes when I let the big dog eat. I also like the feedback I get when I hit towards the toe or the heel.

Feel Rating: 3 of 5 Stars


The Chromax flies far and straight! It really pops of the clubface and makes my big sweeping hook a mere draw. It held onto the greens just fine. A little check and release, just how I like it!

Durability is one of this ball’s strong suits. I used only two balls for my entire round. I would have only used one, but had to switch due to a head on collision with the cart path.  Don’t get me wrong, this ball won’t be your soft, spinning go to ball around the greens, but that isn’t what it is meant for.  This ball was built for distance and it does that just fine.

Performance Rating: 3.5/4 of 5 Stars


Final Thoughts:

The Chromax Distance Golf Ball was a blast to play with. I liked the way the shiny metallic looked when I was standing over it, I loved how easy it was to see in some of my unfortunate lies and I am never opposed to a couple extra yards which it provided.  If you are a traditional “white” ball user then it might take some getting used to, but for those who like to have fun and be colorful on the course you will enjoy this ball.

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