Chromax M1x Golf Ball Review, 3/27.2014

By Bill Cuebas – GolfBalled For the new 2014 season Chromax has released The M1x golf ball. Having tried out a few of Chromax’s other lines I was ready to put them into play. For those of you that do not know about Chromax here is a little information on the Company. Company Chromax was launched…

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Chromax M1x Golf Ball Review, 3/13/2014

By Ken Glover – The Golf Review Guy Chromax Golf is a company who makes loud, bright, and shiny golf balls which are easy to spot and track in flight. If you’re having trouble with seeing your ball flight or just want a change, a Chromax Golf Ball is very hard to loose. Chromax M1x…

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New 2014 Chromax M1X Golf Ball Review: Metallica of Golf

By Ken Lee – Bunker’s Paradise The crew over at Chromax Golf sent us over their newest creation, the 2014 Chromax M1X ball.  If you have never heard or seen a Chromax golf ball, they are unlike any golf ball you will ever see.  They are hard to take your eyes off of.  We reviewed last years…

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Golf Review Guy

Original review: http://www.golfreviewguy.com/chromax-distance-golf-ball-review.html Chromax Distance Golf Ball Review I was a little hesitant to do a review on the Chromax Distance Golf Balls because of the color and brightness. After taking them out for a few rounds, I can truthfully say I enjoyed them. I will keep rotating Chromax in my rounds because I had a…

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Bunker's Paradise

Original Review: http://www.bunkersparadise.com/chromax-distance-golf-balls-review-never-out-of-sight/ Chromax Distance Golf Balls Review: Never Out of Sight We are living in a world where golfers are trying to stand out from the rest. We rock flat bill hats and dress up in bright colors. Style and flash are just as important as the equipment we use. Chromax has delivered a product…

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