Chromax® Golf Announces Special Guests, Matt Bellner, Kristy Swanson and Dave Perry at PGA

Boulder, Colorado January 14, 2015 – Chromax® Golf  announces special guests in their booth #2109 during the 2015 PGA Show. Matt Bellner – Professional Putter/Actor/Producer greets and challenges customers to a daily putting contest Wednesday through Friday. Kristy Swanson – Actress/Producer/Designer and Owner of will sign Chromax® Golf balls Thursday between 10am and 11am. Dave Perry – Author “No 3 Putts; What the Pros Really Want You to Know to Improve Your Putting” discusses his book and raffles signed copies Wednesday and Friday 10am to noon and Thursday 3pm to 5pm.

Chromax Golf is located at 3468 Sunshine Canyon Drive in Boulder, Colo., 80302. Chromax manufactures the new O.V. (High Visibility) ball in 2 colors, the M1x ball (75 compression) in 7 colors and the Distance ball (90 compression) in 3 colors. All Chromax golf balls Conform to U.S.G.A. and R&A Rules. All Chromax Golf balls have a patented florescent, reflective layer under a translucent Surlyn® coating. The seven easy-to-track colors include, silver, gold, orange, yellow, pink, green and purple. For more information visit or call (303)219-0868.