Chromax Golf partners with American Blind Golf

BOULDER, Colo.  – Chromax Golf, manufacturers and innovators of the patent-pending High Visibility Technology metallic finish golf balls, is partnering with American Blind Golf (ABG) to help promote Chromax golf balls to the world of vision impaired golfers.

abg-logoAmerican Blind Golf (ABG) is a national 501 C3 non-profit golf organization that promotes the game of golf for blind and visually impaired persons. American Blind Golf was founded on the principle of providing golfing opportunities while partnering with organizations that support local and national blind charitable endeavors.

“Chromax’s High Visibility Technology golf balls are the perfect fit for blind and low vision golfers,” said Bruce Hooper, Co-Director American Blind Golf and World Champion Blind golfer. “Not only do they perform just as well as other top brand name golf balls, the bright colors make it so much easier for our caddy/coach who is responsible for tracking our shots on the course. I was thoroughly impressed with the ball’s performance.”

Hooper, 67, has played golf since the age of 11 and worked as a sales rep for Spalding Sports Worldwide for 25 years.  In 1998, he started developing macular degeneration, a chronic eye disease that causes vision loss in the center of the eye’s field of vision and retired four years later.

He had all but given up on golf until his wife Judy coaxed him to pursue blind golf. Since then with Judy by his side as caddy/coach, Hooper has won seven National Championships and a World Championship title since taking up the game again.

“Chromax is proud to partner with American Blind Golf,” said Stuart Lin, founder of the Chromax Golf Company and inventor of the Chromax golf ball.  We are happy to know that Chromax’s patent pending High Visibility Technology makes it easier for these athletes to continue to play the great game of golf.”

After playing blind golf for several years, Bruce and his friend Mark Arnold founded American Blind Golf in 2010. ABG hosts two major championships each year in the United States; a match play tournament in Ohio in June and a stroke play tournament in Texas in October. ABG is involved with five or six charity events each year and has helped raise thousands of dollars for blind charities.

Bruce has been playing Chromax’s M1x low compression golf balls. The M1x has a mirror-like finish and a softer compression of 75 for slower swing speeds. The reflective finish of Chromax golf balls creates unprecedented visibility in all light conditions allowing golfers to track their ball in flight better. Chromax’s remarkable brightness makes the ball easy to find on wayward shots and sharply reduces lost balls on the course.


Chromax Golf is located at 3468 Sunshine Canyon Drive in Boulder, Colo., 80302. Chromax also manufacturers USGA approved M2x (85 compression) and Distance (90 compression) golf balls. The high-energy core is mixed with titanium powder and molded under high temperatures and extreme pressure for superior durability and elasticity. The poly-resin outer cover offers superior cut resistance, cold temperature flexibility, medium spin rate and a high-energy return. Chromax metallic golf balls come in a variety of colors.  For more information visit or call (303) 219-0868.