Chromax® Golf releases video: “Serious Ball, Fun Game”

Chromax® Golf, original manufacturer of the first high visibility, metallic golf ball, is proud to release their second online video for 2014 entitled, “Serious Ball, Fun Game”, staring Professional Putter, Mr. Matt Bellner. (Video one was released in June entitled, “What color reflects your game?”

On the heels of a successful “Best Shot” Photo Contest, the new one minute production, demonstrates Chromax® golf balls on a tradition course and in a Professional Putting Tournament. “This year several Professional Putters have adopted Chromax® as their tournament golf ball of choice, a terrific testimony to the great feel of the ball when putting” remarked Mr. Bellner. Also an avid recreational golfer and film producer, Mr. Bellner is devoted to introducing Chromax® golf balls to people of all ages and abilities through his volunteer instruction and competitive putting. “While Chromax golf balls are a serious ball, conforming to tournament rules, we add the fun-factor for golfers who are excited about the game and inspired by color,” stated Chromax Marketing Director, Maureen Baskin.

Chromax Golf is located at 3468 Sunshine Canyon Drive in Boulder, Colo., 80302.  Chromax manufactures the M1x (75 compression) and the Distance (90 compression) golf balls.  All Chromax golf balls conform to USGAand R&A rules.  All styles have a patented florescent reflective layer under a clear translucent cover. The balls are produced in easy-to-track metallic colors that offer enhanced visibility and performance. For more information visit or call (303) 219-0868