Chromax Golf supports Breast Cancer Awareness with pink golf balls, package

breast-cancer-package-smChromax Golf, ( manufacturers of the high-visibility, multi-colored, metallic golf balls, is pleased to announce that they will be selling a limited amount of pink golf balls (6 in a pack) with special pink packaging to help support Breast Cancer Awareness this summer.

“Chromax Golf will donate a portion of the proceeds from the sales of these specially packaged balls to help support the research for families affected by this devastating disease,” said Stuart Lin, founder of the Chromax Golf Company and inventor of the Chromax golf ball. “We realize that awareness and education are integral parts in fighting this illness and are happy to give back.”

Chromax metallic balls are produced in six easy-to-see colors (silver, gold, orange, blue, pink and green) and come in two different finishes and compressions (M1x and M2x) that offer both style and performance. Recently purple was added to the M1x color pallet. The M1x metallic golf ball has a mirror-like finish and a soft compression of 75 for slower swing speeds. The M2x metallic golf ball has a glittering exterior and a standard compression of 85. Both M1x and M2x models conform to the USGA and tournament rules.

The patent-pending reflective finish of Chromax golf balls creates unprecedented visibility in all light conditions with High Visibility Technology allowing golfers to track their ball in flight better and make adjustments to their swing. Its remarkable brightness makes the ball easy to find on wayward shots and sharply reduces lost balls on the course.
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Chromax Golf is located at 3468 Sunshine Canyon Drive in Boulder, Colo., 80302. The company was launched at the PGA Merchandise Show in Orlando in 2007. Chromax golf balls have a metallic layer that reflects sunlight like a mirror and its elegant colors add a little character to your game. The 1.52-inch diameter, two-piece core is made of poly-butadiene rubber compound blend and molded to create superior feel, durability and elasticity. For more information about Chromax metallic golf balls or call (303) 219-0868.