Man’s Passion for Mini Golf Makes Him One of the World’s Best

“Everyone can swing a putter. To do with a lot of skill, takes a lot of practice,” said Mosk. “I love competing.”

Mosk said his love for the sport came when he was young and used to play with his father on the weekends. He said he eventually ended up getting so good, he would beat his father and other family members. As an adult, he found new friends on the green which led him to try out for the US Mini Golf team. This year, he was selected and played in the world tournament in Kosovo.

“It was, I was just so proud being over there,” said Mosk. “Playing over there was the most pressure I’ve ever had because you represent your country.”

Mosk told us about the tournament and how he and his teammates prepared to take on the course.

“We had YouTube videos where we had the course. We had a shot book with pictures of each hole I had a time so that when we got there we could chart how the pots broke on each of the holes,” said Mosk.

The team took fifth place. It was a celebrated victory since there hasn’t been a US Mini Golf team in 15 years.

“All the great people that we meet. I have friends that I’ve made for life,” said Mosk.

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