New 2014 Chromax M1X Golf Ball Review: Metallica of Golf

By Ken Lee – Bunker’s Paradise

New 2014 Chromax M1X Golf Ball Review: Metallica of Golf

The crew over at Chromax Golf sent us over their newest creation, the 2014 Chromax M1X ball.  If you have never heard or seen a Chromax golf ball, they are unlike any golf ball you will ever see.  They are hard to take your eyes off of.  We reviewed last years “Distance” model, which had some decent results, so I was anxious to see what improvements Chromax made in 2014.



The Chromax M1X golf ball is a 75 compression golf ball meant for slower swing speeds.  It is made with their unique inter-illumination reflective inner layer and translucent outer layer, which makes the Chromax golf ball appear super bright in color.   Their creation was meant to be the easiest ball to see in the air and in the grass.

The M1X ball has a 1.57in. diameter core, which is made of a poly-butadiene rubber compound blend and then molded under high temperatures and extreme pressure.  Chromax has chosen this process to create durability and elasticity within the core.  They call it the High Energy Core.   Lastly it has 432 dimples which range in sizes to create optimal trajectory and spin around the green.  If you were wondering, all Chromax balls conform to USGA and R&A tournament specifications.


I’m not even sure I need to write too much under this category as you can see for yourself how the Chromax M1X golf balls looks.  They are bright, colorful and fun to look at.  Chromax created these balls with several different color options so you sure to find a color to match your personality.   The balls have a metallic finish which reflects sunlight to make the golf balls look even brighter.  The thought process behind all this fun technology and looks was to create a golf ball that you can easily track and find.



As the Chromax M1X golf balls are meant for players with slower speeds, I didn’t quite fit the exact bill for this testing.  However I am not a super fast swinger either, so I felt my game would suffice.  My driver swing speed is about 105, which is about normal.  I normally play a three or four layer golf ball for the spin and control around the greens since I’m not a long hitter.  I need to be able to get up and down from just about anywhere.

Let’s first talk about the M1X balls off the tee with the driver.   The first thing I noticed was how straight the M1X flies.  I hit drive after drive straight down the fairway, which I love.  I realize it was a combination of things that day as I was hitting my driver very well.  I was testing out a couple other balls that day and they were all flying straight.  (I love those kind of days).  But I have to admit the Chromax balls were very straight.

The next thing I noticed is how well you can track your ball while it’s in flight.  I also enjoyed that very much because there are several times when I hit my ball and I lose it in mid flight.  I can’t figure out if that’s just because I’m getting too old or if a white ball is just harder track.  But the M1X ball could definitely be seen in the air and once it landed.  The only way you are going to lose these balls is if you hit it out of bounds.

Screen Shot 2014-03-31 at 7.17.18 AM

As far as distance was concerned, I didn’t gain any yardage with the Chromax M1X balls, but I didn’t lose any either.  The ball flew at my normal trajectory angle off my driver as well.

Around the greens the M1X performed decently.  I’m not gonna sit here and tell you that it performs like some of the top performing golf balls around the greens, but it held it’s own.  The M1X ball is supposed to comparable to the Titleist DT Solo, NXT Tour, Bridgestone E5.   I personally thought it played more like the Titleist NXT Tour more than any other golf ball I could think of.


The Chromax M1X Golf ball is meant for slower swing speeds, it’s meant to fly straight and be easy to track.  I have to say it fits all that criteria.  It might not be the highest performing golf ball on the market, but it does it’s job.  You won’t lose distance, you will be able to track and find your golf ball, they fly as straight as any other ball and you will enjoy playing with many different colors.   I enjoyed playing with the M1X golf ball and actually started mixing up the colors during my round just to have some fun with them.


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