The Company

The Chromax® Golf Company has a team passionate about golf. We see how excited players are, when they see the reflective colors of our golf balls and they find the colors that improve their own game. Chromax® high visibility, combined with our patented soft, yet durable Surlyn® coating and our proprietary core, make the game easier to see and more fun to play. We are the perfect ball to bring more folks to Regulation Golf as well as to the Minigolf world. For many seasoned players, we have feedback from golfers who have difficulty tracking the ball and Chromax® has made all the difference in their game.

The Chromax® patented coating process, was invented by our co-owner, Mr. Lin. He is a physicist, materials engineer and a scratch golfer, with over 30 years of experience manufacturing high quality golf balls. Using his extensive knowledge and expertise, his goal was to make a new, tournament approved, high visibility golf ball. Our ball specs are found on our website at: After extensive development and testing we were the first reflective colored golf ball on the U.S.G.A. and R&A Conforming golf ball list in 2007. Chromax® is dedicated to making the highest quality, high visibility golf balls.

Chromax® Golf balls are available worldwide in pro shops, retail stores and online in the U.S.A., Australia, Canada, Germany, Switzerland and the United Kingdom. ( For more information please visit or call (303) 219-0868.

A Brief History

Chromax M1x 6-pack openChromax was launched in 2007 at the annual PGA Golf show in Orlando. We love the traditions of golf but wanted something a little different. We love colored golf balls. However, more than just a golf ball with color, we wanted something that would really enhance the game of golf. What we came up with was Chromax golf balls. The Chromax golf ball has a metallic layer that reflects sunlight like a mirror and its elegant colors add a little character. Easy to see and beautiful to look at. That's what we were after. Of course, we also made sure it's USGA tournament legal because we don't want to change the game. We just want to make it a little more fun.


About Our Product

Distance Ball with Driver Square #2Many of us don’t remember the days when tennis balls were white. Tennis is a sport that reveres tradition and many players resisted the introduction of the bright green balls that nearly everyone plays today.

Golf also respects its history. But certain innovations are hard to resist. Woods were once made of wood. But metal woods proved so superior that tradition had to give way.

The new Chromax golf ball is another such innovation. The patented reflective finish is so much more visible – on the green and in the air – that only the hard and fast traditionalist will continue to play the white ball. Its remarkable brightness on the green will save search time and sharply reduce the loss of balls. Its visibility in the air allows the golfer to watch the ball in flight and more easily correct his or her swing. The ball is also beautiful: Many end up on display.

This is one of those times when tradition must give way to a superior innovation that will enhance the game of golf: The Chromax Metallic Golf Ball.

I just wanted to tell you since changing to your Chromax titanium balls not only do I hit the ball longer, but I had my first hole-in-one. My country club Delaire has made me a plaque and the pro inserted the Chromax titanium ball I used. I really enjoy playing with your Chromax titanium balls.

Cindy Friedlander
Delray Beach, Florida

I introduced my 73 year old parents to these balls yesterday and after their first swings, they were hooked. The visibility of the ball in the air and on the ground amazed them. My father loved the way they came off the clubface at impact and my mom just loved the way they looked all the way around. We didn’t lose a single ball yesterday, even in the rough.

I also gave some to my aunt and uncle and my aunt has notoriously bad eyesight and she was able to track Chromax in the air so she was just thrilled. Your metallic golf balls have made four people very happy and me as well for getting to introduce them to these works of golf art. Thank you!

Kay Ethridge
Jenks, Oklahoma

The pro at the country club was making his usual rounds during the tournament when he came to our 4-some right after I had made the hole-in-one. I showed him the ball that I was using. He was shocked that I had made an ace with a green sparkling ball. I told him all about the Chromax balls and how well that I liked them and how long I had been using them. I use to play with a pro v1 and nike juice. I love the way the Chromax feels. And I really love the bling factor. I never have a problem identifying my ball from the other typical white ones.

Paula Ferguson

I picked up 1/2 dozen of your balls at Kokanee Springs Golf Resort, BC, Canada on a recent trip. I must admit I bought the ball for the “cool” factor, but was pleasantly surprised at the playability. I use Pro VI’s so I know my ball. It played well and looked good. To me it looked as though I was playing a ball bearing! Now I am home I can’t wait to take them out on my home course. Thanks for putting a smile on my face!

Rod Denton
BC, Canada

I bought my first Chromax golf balls about 2 months ago and loved the feel and distance that I was able to get from them. To start the New Year off on a good note I was playing Eagle Falls golf course in Indio, CA on January 2nd and got my first hole in one on the 9th hole par 3 and 163 yards using my Cobra driver and a gold Chromax ball. I was thrilled. People always ask me how I like these shiny balls and I tell them they’re the best and now I’ve proved it.

Vivian Frew
Indio, CA

I will say that you have a quality product. The other day, we set out on our round and I was using my normal ball, which was a Titleist SoLo at the time. As we continued to play, my game just got worse and worse. Halfway through, I decided I was going to try the pink Chromax. It was sort of a joke at first. Well, it turned out that I couldn’t miss with the Chromax. I was hitting the ball on the green and driving so much better! I couldn’t lose it either! I literally hit the ball into a snake hole and still found it. One of my playing partners took a picture of me teeing off with the pink ball!

Ryan Hawk
Rock Island, IL

I love these balls and cannot see any other kind even the bright orange kind. I feel these are the easiest balls to see, I’m not a very good player, and I for some reason cannot see a white ball…so I picked these up. I don’t wear glasses and don’t need to, but to eyeball a ball is difficult for me… I love these golf balls!

Marie Strange
Southern California

Several weeks ago a friend and I were spotters for a tournament at our club. We probably found at least 120 golf balls that afternoon, and I was fortunate enough to find one of your Chromax balls. At first, I thought it was a piece of broken glass—it was so beautiful. I was surprised to find it was truly a golf ball. I kept it in my bag for a week before I decided to try it out. WOW—this ball actually goes as far as any others I’ve hit. And, it definitely is prettier than any other golf balls in my bag.

Caretta Anderson
Springfield, VA

I had never heard of your ball until yesterday when I found one in the rough. Advertising and corporate claims are usually a bunch of hooey; not yours, I have poor eyesight and you really can see this ball way better in flight. Noticed it right away! I generally play Taylormade or Maxfli.

Bob Stockey
BC, Canada

I have been using the chromax golf balls for about a year. I really like the distance I get and just the feel of the balls. The colors are great. The other day, I got a Hole In One at the Bardmoor Golf Club with a pink chromax ball! I like the chromax balls very much. Thanks!

Gayle DeRycke
Largo, Florida