What is Chromax?

Chromax is a new brand of golf balls. It's revolutionary metallic inner coating reflects sunlight through the clear cover for unprecedented visibility and easy in tracking the trajectory and distance of the ball's flight. Chromax is a 2 piece, soft feel ball that is USGA legal for tournament play.

Will the color wear or come off?

No. The color come from the metallic layer that is underneath a clear, protective Surlyn cover so the color of the ball will not wear, peel, chip, or come off.

Is Chromax legal to play?

Yes! Chromax is USGA approved and R&A legal so it is legal to play in tournaments. You can check a list of all USGA conforming balls on the USGA website.

What compression is Chromax?

M1x 75 Compression
M2x 85 Compression
Distance 90 Compression

How much does Chromax retail for?

The M1x and M2x 6 Ball Packs retail for $19.95 and the 3 Ball Tubes are $9.95. The Distance 12 Ball Pack retails for $41.99, the 6 Ball Pack is $21.00 and the 3 Ball Tube is $10.50.

Where can I buy Chromax golf balls?

Chromax is carried in all fine pro shops and retail stores across the country. We recommend you go to your favorite local pro shop and ask about Chromax. You can also find them online. For a list of some online stores, visit our Retailer Page.

I am a store manager, how can I order Chromax for my store?

Please contact any of our distributors to set up an account. A list of our distributors is located on our Contact Page.

I am a store manager, can I order direct from you instead of going through your distributors?

No. We don't sell direct at this time. Please talk to one of our distributors. They are very helpful!