Chromax® Colored Blue Golf Balls - Metallic M5 3 Ball Tube

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Chromax Golf balls are the only high visibility reflective color golf ball on the U.S.G.A. and R&A Conforming golf ball list. The patented Chromax reflective Surlyn coating gives golfers a competitive visual advantage over traditional white golf balls. Golfing with Chromax speeds up pace of play and reduces lost balls.

  • High Visibility Reflective, Metallic Colors
  • 75 compression.
  • Chromax Golf ball dimple pattern creates more distance.
  • Patented Surlyn reflective golf ball coating.
  • Easier to track and locate your shots.
  • Perfect golf ball gift for all skill levels.
  • Reusable clear tube to carry ball markers, tees, etc.
  • Chromax colored golf balls conform to USGA and R&A Rules.
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