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Easy to see colored golf balls beneficial for all golfers. Especially helpful for visually impaired, eye site challenged, glaucoma patients, senior men and women. These brightly colored and cool golf balls are USGA tournament approved and make great gifts. High visibility from patented reflective metallic and chrome coatings. Makes fun gifts for tournaments, birthdays, holidays and kids. Shipping: $4.95 and FREE for orders over $35.  US shipping only.

Chromax® Colored Blue Golf Balls - Metallic M5 3 Ball Tube


Chromax® Colored Blue Golf Balls - Metallic M5 3 Ball Tube CM53BLU

Chromax Golf balls are the only high visibility reflective color golf ball on the U.S.G.A. and R&A Conforming golf ball list. The patented Chromax reflective Surlyn coating gives golfers a competitive visual advantage over traditional white golf balls. Golfing with Chromax speeds up pace of play and reduces lost balls.

  • High Visibility Reflective, Metallic Colors
  • 75 compression.
  • Chromax Golf ball dimple pattern creates more distance.
  • Patented Surlyn reflective golf ball coating.
  • Easier to track and locate your shots.
  • Perfect golf ball gift for all skill levels.
  • Reusable clear tube to carry ball markers, tees, etc.
  • Chromax colored golf balls conform to USGA and R&A Rules.
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    Brand:Chromax Golf Balls
    Chromax blue golf ball M5 Chromax blue golf ball with wedge

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