Silver Golf Balls

Chromax Silver Golf Balls Conform to U.S.G.A. and R&A Tournament Rules

Metallic Silver Golf Balls

Easy To See Silver Golf Balls

Silver Golf Balls

Highly Reflective Silver Golf Balls

Silver Golf Ball

Silver Golf Balls

Chromax® M5 Silver Golf Ball

The Chromax® M5 is the 5th generation Chromax® golf ball. The M5 takes the best features from our popular M1x, O.V. and Distance golf balls rolled into one in 8 colors. The Silver Golf Ball is included in the family of colored balls, with more prominent markings and larger dimples for more distance.

Why Silver Golf Balls?  Why Not?

Golfers - Add some bling to your golf game. Add some flash. Shouldn't your golf balls look as good as your clubs?